Integrated Support & Facilitation

Child Mental Health Wraparound Medicaid services

Landline phone: (317) 799-1462 ext. 120

April Gibb, Owner


Integrated Support & Facilitation re-branded in 2021 to join the Division of Mental Health and Addiction. Formerly, the managing co-owners, spent their careers helping individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities . Through the collaboration and unwavering dedication to those served, they were able to develop an deep understanding of the needs of others and a capacity to show empathy, understanding, and an eagerness to connect others to their natural supports and their community.

Each owner’s reputation precedes them in being able to cultivate positive relationships with those they serve in ensuring the needs and wants of the youth and families are heard and met. Our principal purpose is serving You. We have a robust amount of experience working alongside families and youth with an integrated, person-centered, and teamwork-focused approach. We value the diverse needs and trajectory of both the child and the family. Furthermore, we understand how integral the facilitator and youth/family relationship is. A relationship built on trust, understanding, and respect is paramount in ensuring the family strengths are maximized and built upon.

Lastly, facilitation encompasses most of what we do. Being fully present and available for team collaboration is at the forefront of our practice. We strive, in all we do, to work cohesively together with all we serve for the greater benefit of the child and family.