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Carrie Kriech, Manager


End the document chaos interfering with your productivity, customer satisfaction, conformance and competitive advantages. Take control of your documents throughout their entire lifecycle with Waypoint Global, a module-based document management suite where you choose only the modules you need within each series to compose your ideal document management solution. Your documents can be accessed from desktops, a web browser or Sharepoint, so everyone across your organization has the exact tools and information they need – no chaos, no drama, no delays.

Used across many industries, including automotive, heavy equipment manufacturing and general manufacturing, each module builds in waypoints to guide and document your way through several standards. When time comes for certification or an audit, you’re prepared and can prove it with an organized document trail.

ISO 9001  |  IATF 16949  |  ISO 14001  |  AS9100  |  ISO 13485  |  ISO/IEC 17025

In 1987, computer screens were green and most documents were typed on typewriters and piled in file cabinets. Since we started back in the ’80s, it’s been our customers’ challenges and needs that have guided the evolution of our solutions. We’ve always looked at the process behind managing documents and developed tools to navigate this process to ensure quality, conformance, compliance and success within each individual, unique organization. From creation to deletion of any document, we’re always here to answer questions in plain English.

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